American Twin 20mm AA Gun Mark 4 - Gun, Base, Seated Gunners - War Games And Dioramas - 28mm - Bolt Action

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The Bolt Action Mariana and Palau Campaign book introduced new units and weapons for both the American and Japanese player. On page 134 the American player is given the option of the Mark IV twin Oerlikon 20mm auto cannons. In WW 2 anti-aircraft defence was not as dominant a concern as other combatants, due in no small part in the emphasis given on achieving air superiority. However, in the pacific the nature of the warfare was different than the highly mobile war of maneuver in Europe, and rear echelon were at risk of both air attack and sudden fanatical ground assaults.
The USMC employed a unique twin 20mm cannon. The platform was unlike the pedestal mounted twin Oerlikons employed by the U.S. Navy, as the field mount needed to ensure its own stability on not rely on the mammoth weight of a warship to provide a secure mount.
Perfect touch to add that extra flair to your map scene.
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