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Perfect for war games or dioramas.

Our Models are printed in .05 mm layer in resin to maximize the details. Resin colors are limited to Gray, White (Cures off white), Black, Clear Red, Clear Green, Clear Blue, or Yellow. We will contact you with current color choices if you order a color that is not available.

Mercedita, like a great many gunboats, was built as a civilian steamer and bought by the Union Navy at the outbreak of war. She was assigned as part of the blockade in the Gulf of Mexico where she captured several blockade runners. She was then assigned to blockade Charleston where she was part of the raid by the ironclads Chicora and Palmetto State. She was the first ship that the enemy ironclads encountered and she was promptly rammed and forced to strike her colors. The ironclad raiders were eager to see more action and Mercedita was quickly abandoned as they moved on to engage other blockading ships. She made some hasty repairs and set off for Port Royal and Philadelphia for more extensive repairs. Once fully repaired, she once again blockaded the Gulf of Mexico and saw little action during her time here. Once the war had ended she made a few calls in Central American ports to calm tensions before returning home and being sold at auction in 1865, returning her to civilian service.

We examine all of our items and will only send you the pieces that meet our standards.

All items are unpainted (unless otherwise stated) and will usually require some basic cleanup. This can be done with a hobby knife and/or high grit sandpaper.

Resin Printing does not melt plastic like FDM printing. Instead a photo curable liquid resin is placed in a vat and an LCD screen /LED array at specific wavelength (405 NM), which solidifies the liquid resin in that spot. The build plate then moves up to the next layer height (.05 mm or 5 microns in this case) and the process repeats. Each reaction attaches the 'cured' resin in the previous layer. After the printing is completed, we wash the excess resin off in an alcohol bath, and then place the model on a turntable with curing lights for several hours to harden the material to its final form. Resin printing offers a much finer level of detail/resolution at a higher material and consumable cost.

These are printed on demand for you. Orders will be printed and shipped in the order that they are received. If there are any delays, we will communicate with you the expected delivery date.


Source models are copyright East Coast Ironclads, provided as an officially licensed printer.

***Products in pictures are example pieces. As these are individually printed, there may be small variations***

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