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Fleet Pack: USN Fleet
Material: Resin
Sale price$24.00


This listing is for the starter packs for the Admiral Wargame. Each ship listed is at 1:1800 scale and each pack can be printed in a different color to distinguish the fleets easily. There are some substitutions from the game rulesets but the type (battleship, cruiser, destroyer) are the same. These packs are priced 10% off the individual priced ships!

US Navy Starter Pack
1 x Battleship North Carolina
1 x Heavy Cruiser Portland
2 x Light Cruisers Atlanta Class
3 x Destroyers Fletcher Class

Imperial Japanese Navy Starter Pack
1 x Battleship Fuso
1 x Heavy Cruiser Takao
2 x Light Cruisers Agano
1 x Destroyer Minekaze

UK Royal Navy Starter Pack
1 x Battleship Queen Elizabeth Class (Prince of Wales)
1 x Heavy cruiser County Class
2 x Light cruisers Town Class
3 x Destroyers "J" class

German Navy Starter Pack
1 x Battleship Scharnhorst
1 x Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper Class (Blucher)
2 x Light Cruisers Leipzig Class (Nrnberg)
4 x Destroyers Type 1936A "Z" class

Italian Navy (Regia Marina) Starter Pack
1 x Battleship Littorio Class (Vittorio Veneto)
1 x Heavy Cruiser Zara (Substituted with Abruzzi Class)
2 x Light Cruisers Duca dAosta Class
4 x Destroyers "Soldati I" class

French Navy (Marine Nationale) Starter Pack
1 x Battleship Dunkerque
1 x Heavy Cruiser Suffren
2 x Light Cruisers Duguai Trouin
3 x Destroyers Le Fantasque Class

We examine all our items and will only send you the pieces that meet our standards.

All items are unpainted (unless otherwise stated) and will usually require some basic cleanup. This can be done with a hobby knife and/or high grit sandpaper. Due to the nature of FDM printing, which creates objects by melting plastic and applying it in layers on top of each other, there is layer lines. These are not really noticeable unless you examine the item in close detail. Additionally, through the cleanup, application of primer and paint, can in most cases hide these lines.

These are printed in Polylactic Acid (PLA), which is different than most thermoplastic polymers in that it is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane.

These are printed on demand for you. Orders will be printed and shipped in the order that they are received. If there are any delays, we will communicate with you the expected delivery date.


Source models are copyright Ghukek's Miniatures, provided as an officially licensed printer.

***Products in pictures are example pieces. As these are individually printed, there may be small variations***

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