Aircraft - Devastator - US Navy - 1:900 - Wargaming - Axis and Allies - Naval Miniature - Victory at Sea - Tabletop Games - Warships

Size: 1 Pack
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This listing is for a 1:900 scale model aircraft used in Axis and Allies, or other similar games.

Perfect for Wargaming, Axis and Allies: War at Sea, Victory at Sea, or dioramas of naval actions.

Our Aircraft are printed in resin with .05 mm layer heights to maximize the details.

Each Aircraft comes with an optional stand that you can glue the aircraft too.

If you select one of the Squadron choices, you will receive a formation of three planes that are printed as a single piece.

These items are usually printed in either Gray, Black, or White.

We examine all of our items and will only send you the pieces that meet our standards.

All items are unpainted (unless otherwise stated) and will usually require some basic cleanup. This can be done with a hobby knife and/or high grit sandpaper. Due to the nature of the printing.

These are printed in UV reactive resin that is cured to a hardness similar to ABS plastics.

These are printed on demand for you. Orders will be printed and shipped in the order that they are received. If there are any delays, we will communicate with you the expected delivery date.


Source models are copyright Ghukek's Miniatures, provided as an officially licensed printer.

***Products in pictures are example pieces. As these are individually printed, there may be small variations***

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