Achates 1916 - UK Royal Navy - Pre Dreadnought Era - Wargaming - Axis and Allies - Naval Miniature - Victory at Sea

Scale: 1/2400
Sale price$8.00


This listing is for a scale model of the ship listed in the title. Perfect for Wargaming, Axis and Allies: War at Sea, Victory at Sea, or dioramas of naval actions. Our Model ships are printed in .05 mm layer for resin to maximize the details. You can choose from the following scales: - 1:1800 - 1:1250 - 1:2400 These items are usually printed in either Gray, Black, or White. ********************* We examine all of our items and will only send you the pieces that meet our standards. All items are unpainted (unless otherwise stated) and will usually require some basic cleanup. This can be done with a hobby knife and/or high grit sandpaper. Resin Printing does not melt plastic like FDM printing. Instead a photo curable liquid resin is placed in a vat and an LCD screen /LED array at specific wavelength (405 NM), which solidifies the liquid resin in that spot. The build plate then moves up to the next layer height (.05 mm or 5 microns in this case) and the process repeats. Each reaction attaches the 'cured' resin in the previous layer. After the printing is completed, we wash the excess resin off in an alcohol bath, and then place the model on a turntable with curing lights for several hours to harden the material to its final form. Resin printing offers a much finer level of detail/resolution at a higher material and consumable cost. These are printed on demand for you. Orders will be printed and shipped in the order that they are received. If there are any delays, we will communicate with you the expected delivery date. ********************* Source models are copyright War Times Journal, provided as an officially licensed printer. ***Products in pictures are example pieces. As these are individually printed, there may be small variations***

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